Rainbow Swirl Quilt: 
Basic Patchwork Made Beautiful
Teacher: Stacy Michell
Thursday, 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Room: Roosevelt II
#37516 - Piecing
Perfect Patchwork Templates & Hand-Dyed Fabric, together. 
The learning goal in this class is refining the seam allowance. Is it a 1/4 inch? a scant 1/4 inch? Learn the right way to measure your seam allowance on any machine with any weight of fabric. All patchwork pieces are cut with "Perfect Patchwork Templates" by Marti Michell. Maybe, these templates are part of how you measure your seam allowance?? The ultimate test to a correct seam allowance is making a quilt repeating 2 blocks that do not have the same number of pieces, columns or rows. This dynamic quilt, “The Rainbow Swirl”, repeats 2 basic blocks in a checkboard arrangement, creating a striking design. 

In a 3-hour class, students use a kit. This kit has just enough for one block in each design. Colors in kit may or may not match original image. Full size kits can be purchased. The Class Kit has fabric & instructions. Perfect Patchwork Templates are available for use in class, purchase is not required. Rotary cutting and patchwork piecing will be performed in class. Bring needed supplies for those activities. Supplies: Spool of thread – grey medium tone, pins, seam ripper, rotary cutter, ruler and mat. 

This class is great for beginners and can help turn a novice into an expert. Not only do we work on perfect patchwork techniques, but these blocks are in color sequences and rotations. Learn how to cut in order, to piece in order, to have swirls of color through out a quilt. This is a nothing is neutral concept class. It is all connected, from grainline to seam allowance, perfect patchwork is in the details.