Part Time Work Available     Click here for application.
Starting Pay $10  Hours Noon - 6PM  Must Like Dogs & Cats, we have 2 of each at the office.
Shades textiles is a small company located in Griffin GA, close to down town. We are looking for a couple of good people to work here part time, a few weeks a month. Currently due to Co-vid, we have a back log of work and we are trying to get caught up. 

What is the Job?
It is simple packaging work. Either putting smaller items in a bag, or rolling a larger amount onto a core tube, then putting it in a bag. 

Skills Needed:
This job requires good hand skills. If you can play the piano or guitar, or you can braid hair, or type 60+ words a minute, you will be fast on this job. Must be able to stand for a 6 hour shift. Lift 40 Lbs. Additionally, there is a small test below... Please answer via email, if you would like to have a face to face interview. 

Must Love Dogs & Cats!
This is a casual atmosphere, but we get the job done. There are 2 dogs and 2 cats here. 

Pay Rate:
First shift is $10 per hour, paid end of day. If asked back, you go up to $12. The first shift is kind of a working interview, to see how you fit, and how you work. 

When? Hours per week?
Starting soon. This post was updated on July, 2021. We have several weeks of work coming up. I need 2-3 people for 3 or 4 days a week from Noon to 6PM. Bring a snack, and drink, clock out for breaks, or work straight through. Your choice. 

Other info:
Must wear work clothes with closed toe shoes. No flip flops. 

If you would like to get an interview, please answer the following questions in an email. 

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