2 For 1 Palm Beach
In this photo, the Applique is the solid black fabric, fused to a Hand Dyed Hula Hoop as the background. The black applique is available PRE-cut and PRE-fused in our shopping area.
Small Hula Hoops
Medium Hula Hoops
Aqua Pacific Hula Flower
20 inches square. This size fits the All-Around Applique patterns, and most "Cushion Size" Hawaiian patterns.
40 Inches square, available in 2,3 and 4 colors. To purchase this item, please call for current suply information.
This is a kit that brings everything we do together in one place! The kit has 1 Hand Dyed Hula Hoop, pre-fused with Shades SOftFuse, Pre-cut with the Accuquilt studio cutter, and packaged with the eye popping 2 Hula Hoops needed for the applique background. 2 HUla Hoops for background? that is right! the cut piece is cut so carefully, you get 2 appliqué's from one piece of cloth!
Hand Dyed Hula Hoops are available in a never ending number of color combinations, we stopped counting at over 4000. Below you will find a thumbnail chart of some of our favorite combinations. Click for large charts