2 for 1 Hula Lessons
The “Hawaiian Style” quit has finally become a machine appliqué project! In this class we will learn how to trace, cut and fuse a Hawaiian design. This kind of design is unique because it is folded and cut like cutting a paper snowflake. Additionally, we will cover how to do it so carefully, you get 2 blocks from 1 piece of cloth! In this class we use special hand dyed fabric called “Hula Hoops”. The radiant design of the cloth blends right in with the Hawaiian style, making the blocks even more exciting! 3 Hour class kit $25
Kit contains 
1 - Hand Dyed Hula Hoop in your choice of colors from the selection available at class.
2 Squares of background fabric in your choice of Black or white, and sometimes some other solid colors. 
4 sheets of SoftFuse Premium
1 Instruction booklet
2 designs

Student supply list:
Small Sharp scissors
fine tip sharpie marker

The 6 hour class includes the machine part of the project. Also, the kit includes batting and backing, for an additional $10, or total $35.

If this is being taught at an "Expo" or convention, the sewing machine is usually provided, if it is at a guild or retreat, it is usually your machine. Either way, Stacy Michell is very versatile with machines.