Chip Off the Block
 When Stacy was making her quilt “Honolulu Hurricanes”, she found a secret technique hidden in a Hawaiian Applique block, like a pearl in an oyster. Just like the classic pearl, the technique is versatile enough to fit with many styles of quilt, NOT just Hawaiian. This class will help you find some balance between a wacked and slashed quilt in a day finished in an signature stitch from the local long arm quilter, and a never finished quilt of your dreams sitting dusty in a hand quilting frame. Breaking it down into manageable parts is the key. It just happens, Hawaiian style 18-inch blocks are a great size for this project. If you have taken “2 for 1 Hula Lessons” & “Kailua Cabins” this class will bring both projects together. The two classes just mentioned are by no means a “pre-requisite”.

The class kit is a very practical kit for learning the technique. It will be 4 colors of fabric, and batting. Everyone will have the same 4 colors; this helps the class work as a group. All kit fabric is pre-washed and dried. The 4 colors become 4 quilt blocks, and a central intersection is completed in class. Also, many other concepts from the book will be covered to assist in the thought process training for how to approach your next project, after you leave the class.

Part of why this class is called “Chip off the Block” is, it was inspired by projects in a book called “Machine Quilting in Sections” written by the teacher’s mother, Marti Michell. The apple has not fallen far from the tree in this family, but mother does a lot of patchwork, and daughter does a lot of applique. The technique taught in this class is not exclusive to Hawaiian applique. It is versatile. The most valuable lesson is how to finish your own quilts, in smaller sections that are joined with unique seams VS sending out to long arm quilter. 

If you have taken “2 for 1 Hula Lessons” and “Kailua Cabins” these kits have been designed to work together in this class, in a full day format. In the morning, we make the class kit, in the afternoon, we address how to join the results from the two classes, and other topics.

Make Large Quilts on Your Home Machine
Teacher: Stacy Michell
Skill: All Levels
Saturday, 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Room: Roosevelt I
#38534 - Quilting/Finishing-HOME MACHINE

In Paducah, Spring of 2022, we are teaching this is the 3-hour format. In a Pfaff sewing machine room. Bring basic supplies for sewing, a few pins, scissors, spool of black or white thread & seam ripper. All fabric and batting needed, is provided in the kit, and the teacher always brings a well-stocked bag of tricks, supplies, samples and a few quilts.