Kailua Cabins: Piece Hawaiian-Themed Log Cabin Blocks
One of the best things about starting a quilt is finishing a quit! Build your custom scrappy Log Cabin, with accuracy while completing the project under budget and on time. Learn how to cut all the pieces for four blocks at one time, with very efficient use of fabric, using the Perfect Patchwork Log Cabin Ruler. Go round, and round, building the blocks with assembly tricks that are upside down for right way up, better than you imagined and will always be close to your heart! 

The Fabric Kit is arranged by color, stacked in the right order, and consists of:
1 Piece Solid Color, 2 Pieces Shades Textiles Hand-Dyed Fabrics, 1 Pc. Tropical or Floral theme, all pieces are “Plus Size Fat Quarters" = 20 x 20 inches each. The kit also has 4 – precut to size center squares & cutting diagram that corresponds with ruler. If you know your ABC’s, and can count to 4, this project assembles like a cool tropical breeze! In the fabric kits, we have stacked the deck in a way that will shuffle the colors into 4 of a kind set(s) that can mix and match with balance and harmony. 4 Log Cabin blocks are enough to make a large pillow or small wall hanging. Repeat the process in 2,3,4 or 5 colors sets to make larger projects. The kit allows a 3-hour class to focus on the most important content while allowing enough time to complete the 4-block project in class. 

Rulers & Books are available for use in classroom, no purchase required.
Fabric kits are distributed at classroom, with a few color choices, one kit purchase is required for class. 
Kit Price $30

Every time this class is taught a few new colors of kits become available, and previous kit colors sell out. 
3 Hour Class using Perfect Patchwork Log Cabin Rulers and Fabric Kits by Shades Textiles. 

More Examples of Log Cabin arrangements from sets of fabric that are similar to class kits. 
(The below sets do not feature the "Tropical or Floral Print" that is unique to this class kit.)