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Have you seen those die cutting machines? The ones with the crank handles that cut a lot of layers? Have you purchased one of those die cutting gizmos? Have you used it? or is it still in the box...

To use it, is to Love it!
In this class, the Accu-quilt Baby Go! cutter and "Go! Home" die are available for use. It is a great way to give this system a test drive. The class is taught with a kit that makes 4 house blocks. The kit includes just white or off white fabric for the background, and assorted prints for the appliqué, and SoftFuse Premium, the paperbacked fusible web recommended by accu-quilt. The kit is $22.  Hand Dyed Sky fabric, as used in the sample, is available for purchase in the class, if you would like. 

This class is a half day or three hour class. Usually, Stacy Michell, can be found teaching at quilt shows, but this can also be taught at a guild event.