The Vivid Giant Dahlia 
A Patchwork Class by Stacy Michell
Shades Textiles by Stacy Michell has created hand dyed fabrics. These fabrics are sold in sets of 8 colors. This has made Stacy Michell search out quilting projects that use 8 colors in equal quantities. The Vivid Giant Dahlia is one of those quilts. 

The concept is this, there are 16 arcs in the Dahlia, and 8 colors in the collection of fabric. Make 2 arcs per color, and position them opposite of each other. Many Dahlia quilts are designed in what a concentric fashion, or each ring is a new fabric. Therefore, the center rings do not need much fabric, but the outer rings do. It can take longer to pick out this coloration, than make the quilt! This color arrangement, referred to as the propeller arrangement, takes a lot of the guess work out of the arrangement. In this project, it is presented in a vivid coloration with black, the end result being very op-art in style. But, it could be made with 1930's reproduction fabrics, or Asian prints. 

How much fabric is needed to make the Vivid Giant Dahlia? When purchasing Shades Textiles, the 8 piece set in the 20 X 20 inch size is EXACTLY ENOUGH to make the quilt as featured in the photo. ( Plus about 8 yards of black fabric, for background, backing & binding) The original sketch had the Flying Geese surrounding the Dahlia, but when they went to cut the pieces there was not enough fabric to make that many geese from that size package. You would never know that the short rows of geese in the corners were designed by mistake and not intentionally. Yes, of course, there is also a larger collection of the fabric available. 

What do you do in a three hour class? A whole quilt top is not made. We estimate the Giant Dahlia at an 8 - 10 hour project for assembly. In class, you, the student, makes just enough to understand the process. That is exactly 2 arcs. The fabric provided in the kit, is assorted solid colors, and usually with white as the alternate piece. To answer a common question, no, the class project can not be inserted into a complete Vivid Giant Dahlia project, one must start over. 

What does a student need to bring to class? When taught at a convention center, we are in a "Sewing Machine" classroom, but, if taught at a guild, bring your machines. The Giant Dahlia Templates used for this project are not a required purchase. We have sets for use in class, and for purchase. The kit has all the fabric you need for the class project. Bring basic sewing supplies, a rotary cutter, medium size mat, unless matts are a standard classroom supply at convention. Your teacher, Stacy Michell, always packs extra supplies, and believes in asking you to come to class with very little stuff, making this a very easy class for traveling students. 
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Saturday, 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Room: Madison Room
#37527 - Piecing

In class, you will received a small kit, it is enough to learn how to do the project. The kit has assorted colors and is not intended to be apart of a final Vivid Rainbow Quilt. Scroll down, there is a photo of a completed class kit below.

For registered students, your supply list is very short. The sewing machine will be in the room, the kit has the fabric needed, and you need to bring 3 pins. If you are taking other classes, and have a bag full of seam rippers and rotary cutters all ready packed, great, bring it. But, usually, nothing else is needed in this class other than 3 straight pins for every student. 

Additional Information:

Yes! You can buy the Hand-Dyed Fabric used in the Vivid Giant Dahlia!

Yes! You can order it any time!

Yes! Packages of colorful cloth are available for purchase at the classroom. 

What Size?
The Color Collection contains 8 pieces of fabric, in "rainbow" colors. There is a package size 20 X 20 inches "Size B" (Plus Size Fat Quarters ) that is EXACTLY ENOUGH to do the quilt as featured
The next size is double what is needed, 20 X 40 Inches, Size C (Half meters). 

The quilt as shows is 72 X 72 inch wall hanging, and needs about 8 yards of black fabric to finish front, back & binding as shows, The Giant Dahlia portion is 52 inches. If you want to make this larger, say, queen bed size, not a wall hanging size, and add more colorful border, you need  the Size B Color Collection.