Color Cups
How to dye fabric.
Everything is supplied for this splashy class. 
8 Squares of "Shades White" PFD 20 X 20 inches
18 Squares of "Shades White" PFD 13 X 13 inches
Total 4 Yards 
All Dye and basic supplies, containers, tote box, rubber gloves. $59 Kit
At most classes, there are extra supplies.

Student Supply List:
Please bring 6 "Sport Top" empty water bottles. (Extra dye, if available, can be used ofr a week or so, and can be taken home in the bottles.
Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring an apron or wear "stainable" clothes. Non slip "tennis shoe" suggested.
If you have something you would like to try to dye in class, please feel free to bring 1 or 2 items, not 3 or 4!. Also bring some kind of container.

At the end of this class, you will leave with a large tote box full of containers of hand dyed fabric, sloshing full of dye! It is not allowed on the Airplane! People have washed out fabric in the hotel room bath tub, but this is not recommended. This class is best taken with a car that can assist in getting this kit home.

Update: Having just returned from "The Original Sewing & Quilting Expo" in Raleigh, NC., I have received an email from a student Thank you Susan! She runs a fun website,, where she reports on her personal journey through arts& crafts, sewing con's and life. Cute site!